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Update: You Can Have It All

A couple of days ago I wrote about the topic of a mindset shift of believing that you can have it all. Everything that you wanted. The one thing I didn’t clarify was that you needed to work for it. Actually doing the work. So the updated point is that, you can have it all but […]

Read Post / June 3, 2016

You Can Have it All

Yes. You. Can. Have. It. All. Do this. Say this to yourself. I. Can. Have. It. All. Do you feel the difference? I did because it comes from within you a way of abundance in this world. Not scarcity. Whether it’s wealth, health, friends, partner or work. You can have it all. I went to […]

Read Post / May 29, 2016

Financial Independence and Self-Actualization

A funny thing I’ve noticed recently is that spending time reading and thinking about what I love doing doesn’t really go anywhere. It’s almost been 2 months deliberate search. Even though I may like what I do in company I’m working for but there are still challenges to the work. There are times when you […]

Read Post / May 24, 2016

Strong Women

I love strong women and I can’t lie. I love women who pursue what they want. If they want to work in a new field then they go and learn about it. If they want to be financially independent then they work on saving money and making a plan to get there. If they want […]

Read Post / May 13, 2016

Priority of the Day

Finishing a top priority for each day makes all the difference. I wanted the name to represent a metaphor because of the courage and focus needed to accomplish the priority. I thought of some names, such as frog, priority, diamond and just this. People used frog because it’s hard to swallow but still doable. Priority […]

Read Post / May 11, 2016

Doing What You Want

I’m going to free write today. No pre-structure for this piece today. Maybe other posts will have more structure when I write how-to manual post. This post is going to be about doing what you want to do. This morning I decided to read up about technology and science currently. Holy shit did I find […]

Read Post / May 10, 2016

Leadership Notebook Prompt #1

Instead of point to a leader, outline a moment when someone you respect engaged in leadership. When Michelle took the initiative to go to Hacker You to learn more about coding and design by herself without letting anyone know. That’s initiative. Actually, leadership would be Edward who started the Google Plus group for climbing. He […]

Read Post / May 5, 2016

Injuries in Climbing

This blog post will be a stream of thought I will be writing about. No structure planned. Injuries force us to step back from our activities and assess how we engage with it. Having questions leading up to the injury. Finding out how we ended up this way. How did it get worse. How do […]

Read Post / April 26, 2016

I Climb to Learn

Climbing to me is a way to develop myself. Every time I climb, I choose to drive 20 minutes to the gym. Every time I go, I take a risk. When I’m there, I can decide to go back home or enter into the gym. I decide go in. I get changed. I face the […]

Read Post / April 15, 2016

Learning from a 9th Grader

Saturday was for rock climbing. I advanced in difficulty from the white routes to the blue routes. In between them, I started talking with two fellow climbers about the different kinds of holds on the wall. They used terms—like crimps and jugs—that I’ve never heard of. I was curious and I wanted to learn their […]

Read Post / April 10, 2016