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Injuries in Climbing

This blog post will be a stream of thought I will be writing about. No structure planned. Injuries force us to step back from our activities and assess how we engage with it. Having questions leading up to the injury. Finding out how we ended up this way. How did it get worse. How do […]

Read Post / April 26, 2016

I Climb to Learn

Climbing to me is a way to develop myself. Every time I climb, I choose to drive 20 minutes to the gym. Every time I go, I take a risk. When I’m there, I can decide to go back home or enter into the gym. I decide go in. I get changed. I face the […]

Read Post / April 15, 2016

Learning from a 9th Grader

Saturday was for rock climbing. I advanced in difficulty from the white routes to the blue routes. In between them, I started talking with two fellow climbers about the different kinds of holds on the wall. They used terms—like crimps and jugs—that I’ve never heard of. I was curious and I wanted to learn their […]

Read Post / April 10, 2016

Building a Marketing Department

The next series of blog posts will be focused on building a marketing department from scratch. Before I begin, I will mention that the department will be customized to the company’s life cycle stage, the goal of the business and the type of product sold. How business goals should work is that each department has a […]

Read Post / April 8, 2016

Being Early

Being early is a matter of principle. I’ve been noticing my arrival at places haven’t been so timely. Take the example of going to the dentist or meeting up with friends for dinner. I’ve been often late; not giving myself enough time to be early. To be on time means to really be early by a few […]

Read Post / April 7, 2016

Rock Climbing

There’s something fascinating about climbing. It’s so similar to living. To climb a new route is like putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation. You just climb. No one is holding you back. No one is deciding what you can’t do. There’s you, the route and time. The harmony of all things around you create a […]

Read Post / April 6, 2016

Thinking Through and From Every Possible Angle

The hardest lesson I had to learn was just that. Thinking through and from every possible angle Nothing in my past experience to relate back to. I had to go to first principles thinking to develop this. Let’s take the example of marketing lead stages in a B2B technology company to show you what I mean. The […]

Read Post / April 5, 2016

Lessons from Building a Marketing Machine

In the past three months I’ve learned so much with building a marketing machine at a technology startup. It didn’t work out for me because I couldn’t meet the role’s requirements. These few months have given me a view into what it takes to build a marketing department from nothing. Here are my top 8 […]

Read Post / April 4, 2016

One Criterion Hiring Process

I’ve been seeing a lot of job posting asking for so many things such as resume, cover letter, personality tests and assignment. There just doesn’t need to be so many. Here’s one idea that could help you with hiring. Use one criterion in the job posting A criterion is a measurement you use to evaluate candidates by. […]

Read Post / February 15, 2016

Follow up to “Flipping Interview as It Is”

Reading the comments on Reddit of my last blog post showed that the approach to hiring was wrong. Now having actually experienced hiring a freelancer this week, I could say that I was totally wrong. Completely wrong. You see… the three goals is to find the person: That fits the role That fits with the culture/values of the company […]

Read Post / February 14, 2016